What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #657

 Hello Bloggy Peeps and Deskers everywhere, 

Looooooooooonnnngggg time no see - after not blogging at all for over six months, I've decided to dust the old girl off and start afresh for 2022, so here I am, how have you been, what have I missed?!

One of the many reasons that blogging fell by the wayside was that I now have a little part-time job - working in a shop which sells arts and crafts supplies, where all my colleagues are lovely fellow crafters, all the customers are in their happy place and it's actually part of my job to have a nosey at their projects and help them choose what to buy. So, in a nutshell, it's  dream job and well worth coming out of retirement for :)

However, it does mean that I'm not going to be here to post this tomorrow morning, so I'm scheduling it now and will pop over to see Julia at Stamping Ground later to link up and catch-up with everybody. 

Here's my desk as it looks this evening, after a busy and happy day spent with my grand-daughter Macy ...

We'd been playing with Pearl Clay - you can see the dish we made and left to dry right in the middle there. The blue envelope on the left had jewellery supplies in it and the handcream is there because it was an essential ingredient in Macy's Magical Cloud Clay. My Slow Stitching kit is on the chair in a lovely bag made for me by a friend from work. On the left you can see a book I made from recycled packaging and wrapping paper - it's basically a brain dump book for all the ideas which pop into my head and would otherwise fall straight out again. The ring light, webcam, monitor, speaker and microphone are all part of the new pc set up my son put together for me and I use them for recording YT videos - a new hobby in its own right which I am really enjoying recently. 

So that's it - thanks for visiting me today and I'll see you over at Julia's later :)

Annie xo


Well, hello there! The part-time job sounds like a dream - especially if you can work with fellow crafters. I had a go at Jacksons and then at the Range, but it's a different culture there, one that I definitely didn't belong to. But working in a small shop with like-minded people sounds fun! Lovely to see you link up Annie - have a lovely week, and in fact a Happy New Year! xx zsuzsa #25 ps. it looks like you a have a professional set-up there! I should look into getting one of those ring lights!
I've linked you up Annie, cause you were not on the list.
Your job sounds fun, plus you get to see all the new stuff and the sales stuff too 🤗. Not heard of pearl clay, I will have to Google that. I do know what slow stitching is because I have been looking into it and fancy having a go. I have been checking out my fabric bits, not quite sure how to start it off, I guess there are no rules. I have looked at several projects on Pinterest. Angela #1
glitterandglue said…
Happy New Year, Annie. WOW! Dream job indeed! Enjoy "helping" everyone who comes into the shop... Sounds like you are going to be busy, one way or another. I haven't been around for nearly 6 months, either - so am afraid I can't help with what has been going on - oops!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #14
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Oh wow, now I’m really jealous!! That job sounds brilliant but have you gone into negative wages yet because I know I’d spend more than I earned, for sure! How lovely to have playtime with your GD, clay art is always fun. I’m really pleased to see you back blogging and on the desks as I really enjoy seeing what you’re getting up to!
Happy 2022, may it be full of fun and crafting,
Hugs LLJ 6 xxx
Helen said…
Good to see you again - and the job sounds perfect! as for how have I been - fine thanks, keeping safe from covid somehow! Helen #3
A bit late tonight but always try to get round everyone if possible so I'm here to wish you Happy New Year. Great to see you. The job sounds good but I would probably end up spending all my wages there Lol! Have a lovely woyww and a great week. Hugs, Angela x20x
Sarah Brennan said…
Sounds like a dream job indeed Annie. SO good to see you after your break from blogging. It must be very tempting to take your wages in the form of products lol. Happy New Year, stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #12
Julia Dunnit said…
It’s so lovely to see you Annie, and marvellous to hear your job news, what a stroke of genius that had to find you for it, now all you have to do is try not to owe them money at the end of each month! I must say that your tech set up is making me green eyed…I don’t have anything I want to video, but just to have the knowledge at hand in the shape of a ‘child’ would be lovely! I have to go look up Pearl Clay now, the dish looks great, that texture is amazeballs. See what I did there…..omg. You didn’t miss much from my desk, but the stuff on others’, well…..!! Happy New Year to you, and please pop back as often as you can….the slow stitching has me wondering too…and the bag it’s in is just a delight.
Happy Belated WOYWW and Welcome Back. I used to have a similar dream job and miss being in a shop. Sadly my health (and having full days with the house/farm etc) stops me going out to work now. I definitely used to spend most of my wages with my staff discount! Ali x. #27
Rushd Lady said…
I wondered what job you had. I thought perhaps it was a sewing shop. Dream job indeed. My son stocked at Michaels for a while, but I was forbidden to go into the store while he was working. Guess he was afraid I might embarrass him. And then again, I might have. smile!