Wreck This Journal - Resistance is Futile

 I'm really enjoying the new Wreck this Journal technicolour version - this page started off bright yellow and the prompt was "resist", draw with wax crayon and paint over. Here's how mine turned out, eventually, after a few twists and turns ...

I started with a resist technique, using Caran d'Ache Neocolor I and Neocolor II crayons, but ended up going back in with several layers of crayon and paint and finishing with a coat of clear gesso so that I could add details with cooured pencils. 

The best thing about working in these books is that you just can't get precious about it, so they encourage you to experiment and play like a kid - which I definitely did with this one :)

If you would like to watch the process, click here to go to my YT channel.

Thanks for visiting me today, see you again soon! 

Annie xo


Rushd Lady said…
When YouTube won't let my comments stick, guess I'll have to try to make a comment here - by the way, I love this illustration. It reminds me of something I'd see in a book. smile! Yes, it's www dot beads direct dot co dot uk Come on over to my craft blog and say howdy!
Annie Claxton said…
Hi Dolores, that's a great blog name. What is it with YT comments lately, it's so frustrating isn't it? Thanks for the link, will check them out - may be after I've used some of the beads I already have though :)