First Live Stream Update - Negative Painting, Positive Outcome!

 Well, my first ever live stream on You Tube went really well, way beyond my expectations. Lots of people joined in, it was so much fun "meeting" some of my subscribers and it was lovely to have everyone chatting away with me and each other. 

My son Tom was with me IRL for emotional as well as technical support - making sure everything was working properly and that I didn't chicken out at the last minute! Thanks Tom, I couldn't have done it without you xo

The plan was to make three watercolour paintings - two with paints and one with watercolour pencils. As it turned out, I didn't finish a single one of them during the stream, but I made a good start and I've been finishing them off camera. Here's the first one, using the negative watercolour painting technique and finishing with a black fineliner ...

This technique is easy and addictive and works really well with other shapes, such as trees or hearts. You need to dry each layer before starting the next one, so after the first layer I moved on to the next painting. For this one, I provided a free downloadable image so that people could join in and paint along or colour in ...

I used a wet-in-wet technique for this one and finished with a black fineliner and white paint pen. Leaving that one to dry, I moved on to the third picture, which I also provided a free downloadable for, this time using watercolour pencils. This one I haven't yet finished, but I'm getting there ...

If you would like to catch up on the live stream or get the free downloadable, check out my YouTube channel -

As it went so well and people seemed to enjoy it, I'll be doing another live stream soon, maybe stitching related this time and maybe for my birthday in early March - watch this space! 

Thanks for visiting me today, see you again soon :)

Annie xoxo