Still Doing Pennants!

 I've just finished Week Eleven of my Boho Bunting slow stitching project - just one more to go! 

This time, I used some salvaged applique pieces and lots of decorative stitching to enhance the printed pattern on the silk. 

Last week was my version of Trapunto quilting (I called it Frankenstein Trapunto - real embroiders look away now!), the week before I experimented with using a soldering iron to make holes in the silk. I've made tassels, beaded fringing, suffolk puffs and tried out lots of different techniques along the way. It's been a lot of fun and I'll be kinda sorry when it comes to an end next week - but I do have several other slow stitching projects on the go and in the pipeline :)

If you would like to catch up on all the pennants so far, check out the Boho Bunting playlist on my YT channel.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, see you again soon, 

Annie xo


Rushd Lady said…
I love your boho bunting! Very pretty with the silks!