Find Your Voice Week Two

Find Your Voice is a brilliant FREE eight week storytelling workshop being run by Kristin Tweedale. Check it out for yourself - the lessons themselves are inspiring, but the community that's building up around this is truly amazing!

I'm a bit behind, but that doesn't matter - I'll catch up! Here are my efforts for Week Two

If you would like more details/explanation and a closer look, please click on the Find Your Voice tab at the top of this page - that is where I'm keeping all my FYV stuff together.
Ok, now I'm going to see if I can manage to link this to the right place ... oh dear .... I really want to play but I'm easily confused .... :o)xxx


Maria Ontiveros said…
I'm off to check your tab. I'm linking my blog posts at the RU Kristin blog - there's usually a prompt for each week's blog posts. And I drop a note on the facebook post that I've got a blog post up.
Not sure if that's right, but it's what I'm doing.
Leiah said…
Oh my gosh, you have some of the cutest little embellishments! i LOVE all the color. Nice work!
Magda said…
Great pages!