In case you're sat there thinking "WOYWW???!!! What?!" in which case - where have you BEEN?! - it's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, which is our weekly opportunity to pop over to Julia's blog  Stamping Ground and have a snout around other people's workrooms all over the world. And of course link up our own as well - go on, make yourself a nice cuppa (or pour a nice glass of something depending on the time wherever you are) and have a little wander ....

No time to get stuck in to anything on my desk today .... BUT that's because I've been busy getting to go off on a crafty jaunt wooHOOO!!! Tomorrow I am off to Banbury - I shan't be riding a Cock Horse, I will be on the train, but I will be seeing some Fine Ladies :o)

Four of us have rented a house and the plan is FIVE WHOLE DAYS of cake-eating, wine-swilling, pasty-gobbling, tongue-wagging CRAFTY MAYHEM and we've been looking forward to it for such a long time.

So on my desk today is all the stuff I'm taking with me ...

Obviously I might need some other stuff too - pants and a toothbrush and some paracetamol - but this is the important stuff.

  • Top left is my new Pride and Joy - the iPad which I hope will enable me to keep up with stuff like WOYWW whilst I'm away (it's white and at the moment it has a denim screen saver which I think looks really cool with the woodgrain effect case - still can't manage to open it the right way up though)
  • There are three envelopes with little surprises I made for the girls and three shades of nail varnish (can't make up my mind, might have to wear all three).
  • You can also see on the right my Smash Book which I have only just started - thought I'd put this "scrapping on the go" malarkey to the test.
  • And peeking out from under that is a copy of SBM which I had a feature in so I can do a bit of show'n'tell (nice way of saying show off!)
  • I'm also taking my Zentangle kit, which is not a lot - some fineliner pens, a pencil and the little bundle of 3" square "tiles" you can see to the left of the picture below

  • I've cut them from some lovely smooth white card which I got from Stampin'Up! - seemed a shame to cut it up, but it needs to be really good card to draw the lines properly and enjoy the process.
  • On my iPad I have a pdf which I got when I subscribed to Tangle.com (see link on the right) - it's great because it has links to tutorials on all the tangles and once you have subscribed you get automatic links to any new ones (several every week). Hopefully this weekend will give me a chance to really get stuck in to some serious Tangling.
  • The last thing I'm taking which you can see on the right of the picture above, is a little collection of tools and stuff from Ten Second Studio, as one of the girls makes miniatures and asked if I knew a way to make tiny distressed metal book covers .... I've put in some recycled tomato puree tube as well as the pristine metal sheets as I think it will work just as well if not better and anyway I <3 recycling!

Thanks for looking at my deskful of promise this week - I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to whilst I'm on the train tomorrow - aaaaah the wonder of new technology ..... :o)

Annie xxx


Julie Lee said…
Wow! I'm jealous! You gals are going to have such a great time! Julie Ann xx #41
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Have you got room for essential eps? You know, clothes, food, toiletries... ;-) No? That's my girl...stash is far more important!
Hugs, LLJ 57 xx
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Eps?? Blooming predictive text... Now even I have forgotten what I was trying to say....sigh...
LLJ xx
Julia Dunnit said…
I have to wait till November, but I understand your excitement at the plan! I'm hugely mpressed though at the LACK of stuff you're taking..although I'm perfectly sure you have it covered. Have a great time!
Tera Callihan said…
Have a great time on your trip, and Happy WOYWW!!! (also Roberta is actually #110 this week :D )

-Tera #104
Love your pile of stash to take with you, I think I would have been struggling, although I am used to taking a journaling kit away with me! Hope you have a great time(as if you won't!!) Chris 113
Crafting Vicky said…
Wow this really does seem like a great weekend getaway!!! How awesome.


What fun, have a good relaxing time. Kim 56
Unknown said…
How fabulous, sure you will all have the most amazing time together. So nice to spend time with like minded people.

Lynda #82
oh lucky you! have a wonderful time :)
Jana #71
April said…
That sounds like great fun. I just got back from a girl's weekend of scrapbooking. I'm so jealous - have a wonderful time. April #122
glitterandglue said…
Sounds like you have all the essentials covered!! I'm sure you might find a square inch or two for the other bits and pieces.. Trust you are having a great time in Banbury - if I still lived in Rugby I may have gate crashed the event - but I'm too far away here in North wales.
Margaret #68