Show 'n' Tell #1

Hi everyone!

I'd like to tell you about a brand new weekly link-up right here on Arty Farty Annie - where I'll show you mine and you can show me yours!

There are lots of new things I want to try in 2014 - this is just one of them and it would be amazing if some of you would join me :o)

My home is full of little knick-knacks and memorabilia - mostly not worth much to anyone else but priceless to me, because they each have a story to tell. What I want to do is to record and share those stories here and I'd love it if you would do the same.

Every Monday morning, I'll post a Show 'n' Tell about one of my little treasures, with some photos and a few lines about its history and what it means to me. It could be anything at all - a small ornament, a book, a thimble, a stone I picked up on the beach - you get the picture? I'll put a widget at the bottom of the post so you can link up to a post on your own blog - I'd love to hear your stories too.

So, without further ado, here is my first precious object ...

This pretty cup and saucer in the Flora Dora pattern was made by Booths China and it's precious to me because it belonged to my Granny Robinson ...

With great-granddaughter Bex

Granny started collecting Flora Dora china when she married Grandpa in 1935 and over the years she collected a whole dinner service. It had pride of place on the dresser in the dining room of their home and was only used on very special occasions. 

The picture above shows Gran and Grandpa with their two youngest sons, Keith and Barry - the baby Grandpa's holding is me!

Today, Granny's china has pride of place on my own dresser and I love it just as much as she did, partly because it's beautiful and partly because it reminds me of the happy times I spent with Granny when I was a child. 

Here's a scrapbook page I made ages ago, showing a picture of Gran in her tiny kitchen, where she managed to cook for six children and fourteen grandchildren! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first Show 'n' Tell - next week I'm planning to show you something which I can guarantee you have never seen before .... :o)

Please use the link-up button below or put a link in the comments box to show me your own precious objects - I would love to hear your stories! 

See you again soon :o)xxx

PS btw Granny was right - tea definitely tastes better in a proper china cup! 


Laura said…
Your Gran's china is timelessly gorgeous. I am so happy you have something special to help you cherish memories of your wonderful grandmother! I want to link up with your party--great idea! I'll try on the plane, but if it fails, I'll link up at home. Happy new year!
Annie Claxton said…
Thanks Laura - hope you will be able to join me, if not this time maybe next week :o)
Maria Ontiveros said…
What a beautiful cup! I think I'll try to participate now and then - this will pair nicely with the still life photography class I'm taking.
Annie Claxton said…
Hey Rinda, thanks for checking out my show'n'tell - it would be brilliant if you could join in when you can, your photography is amazing :o)
thanks so very much Annie for the invite to join this.. and yes have plenty could join with you but time is my killer sorry cannot do!

I feel kinda bad - sorry! too many things on my "To Do" list and blogging takes up wa-aay too much time already so sorry!
.. and every blessing in it, just love the story of your great granny, very lovely!
Shaz in Oz.x
Shoshi said…
Sorry I forgot all about your Show 'n Tell Annie - so much on at the moment. I love your little cup and saucer (I used to have some like that) and I'll try and add something to your No. 2 Show 'n Tell!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - so glad you like my album. More on this later!!