We Love Loom Bands!

Hi Everyone,

Have you heard of Loom Bands??? I hadn't until a couple of weeks ago, but chances are that if you have a school-age daughter you will know exactly what I'm on about!

If you read this post from a couple of days ago, you'll know that we've recently returned from a lovely week away visiting family in beautiful Northern Ireland. One afternoon I happened to ask my young cousin Caitlin to show me what she was making and within ten minutes I was completely "hooked" (pardon the pun).

Loom Band expert Caitlin Swann
You can buy the packs of Loom Bands for around £1. They come with basic instructions (which we ignored), a little hook (which you don't really need) and some S clips for fastening your creations. This picture also shows some of the bracelets we made - aren't they cute?

Loom Bands from The Works and Roys Supermarket and some finished bracelets
Here is a YouTube video tutorial by Loom Band expert, Caitlin Swann ...

On the day of the BBQ when the whole family got together, everyone ended up having a go ...

Carol Swann, learning to Loom
... and I mean everyone - even the boys!

Gary admires his Dad's handiwork
Say hello to the Loom Band Crew ...

Ross and Stephen Swann show off their creations
Everyone agreed that Loom Banding is a very therapeutic pastime, and strangely addictive - once you start, it's very difficult to stop.

Loom Bands are totally cool - they're cheap, they're fun, they fit in your pocket and they make cute bracelets and stuff which you can give to your friends (or keep for yourself). Brilliant!!! :o)

Thanks for visiting my blog today, see you again soon

Annie :o)xxx


Lizzy Hill said…
Got one on my wrist as I write this, c/- grand girl ....so the craze is obv a WW one! They are also deliciously colourful!!!
Lisca said…
They are all the rage here in Spain too. Boys and girls do it and use all sorts of home made contraptions with forks etc to make the most gorgeous things!
Sarah said…
Hi Annie - Just watched Caitlin's video - she did a fab job didn't she?! Yep, we're loom band crazy in this house too ... my 10 year old daughter is totally obsessed and often wears several on her arm!!
Annie Claxton said…
It's brilliant to think that this is people all over the world love Loom Bands! Boys as well! My hubby wore the one Caitlin made him for three whole days before she claimed it back to recycle! :o)