Life Book 2016 - Letting Go!

Hi everyone,

My last post about Life Book projects for this week ... probably!! This was another bonus lesson with Tamara Laporte, talented artist, gentle teacher and creator of Life Book - it was all about letting go of negativity and bringing in the positive for the year ahead.

We started with a "simple inky background" (not quite so simple for me, but I enjoyed the process and got there in the end) and then doodled a butterfly. Here's my version ...

The butterfly trail is made up of all the negative words and the butterfly is flying towards the circle of light which contains all the positive words. I used Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens for the doodling and writing.

Thanks for visiting my ArtyFarty blog today, see you again soon.


Lizzy Hill said…
This looks the idea of the doodled word trail etc...that looks really neat:)
Helen Wallace said…
Oh gosh - I've been MIA for a while and just popped by to see what you've been up to. WOW! I absolutely Love the butterfly and all the intricacies of the ? zentangling going on here. Gorgeous :D
This looks stunning Annie! Love the colours and the zentangle patterns, but my favourite i sthe white trailing script! I've skipped this lesson along with the Happy Traveller - I got so overwhelmed in the first two weeks - especially that I'm doing two other courses as well. I may have bitten off more than can chew, LOL! But I'm planning to make up for them later when I have more time!
Val-Belle said…
WOW WOW WOW... this is truly beautiful. I love the background and the neg and pos words such a cool idea and your butterfly.... I have no words. Just amazing.