Ode to Women #6 - Yayoi Kusama

 Day 6 of the 30 day challenge originally set by Olga Furman. I know I keep saying it, but I'm blown away by the talent and vision of these inspiring women artists. This time, I was working from a photo of Yayoi Kusama, using vivid colours of Pan Pastels to reflect her colourful style ...

It's not a good photo, and I didn't get a great likeness - her nose should be shorter, her upper lip longer and her chin smaller - I can clearly see where I've gone wrong, and I may come back to her again later, there are so many inspiring images of her and her work online. 

In my defence, I was working way too small, which I found very frustrating. I wanted to try out some sanded pastel paper, but it's very expensive so I thought I'd try a piece of A5 which came in a Scrawlr Box a while back, to see how I got on with it. It's lovely to work on, but it is very expensive, so I will try some alternatives first - I've heard you can apply clear gesso and sand it yourself, so may give that a go before splashing out. Also, working so small with the Pan Pastels was difficult, especially as I don't have the pointy tool yet (it is on the way though!), so I was doing my best with what is essentially an eyeshadow applicator. It's funny how I just prefer to work LARGE now, whereas not so long ago I always tended to work small - must be getting braver! :o)

Just one more artist to go (Francoise Gilot), and then we're on to another group of inspiring women - nurses. What a brilliant challenge this is proving to be, and then I can't wait to start on the 30 men!


Your portraits are so expressive, Annie - they don't need to be perfect!
Rushd Lady said…
I recognized the artist that you drew, so with your so-called imperfections, I think you did great! I think she would have been impressed as I am!