WOYWW #615

 Good Morning Bloggy Friends and Fellow Deskers, 

It's time for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - when we show the world what's going on in our crafty spaces this week and link up over at Julia's Stamping Ground

I've missed three now, so I'm determined to join in this week, but will have to come back later to do my snouting - Wednesdays are not behaving for me lately. Today we have a long-awaited appointment for my son with the CMHT (Community Mental Health Team). It's face-to-face and we are both now shielding, but we've been his support bubble throughout and we will of course take extra care while we're out and about. Neither of us has slept well and we're very nervous, but I'm feeling cautiously optimistic. 

So, here's my desk as it is this morning. It looks like a total mess. That's because it is indeed a total mess. I left it this way after doing a live stream on Twitch TV with my son Tom on Sunday (hence the camera and light set-up).

This was the second time we've done a live stream - last time we were playing with alcohol inks on Yupo paper and this time we were making unisex bracelets with faux leather and beads and trying out some UV resin. Here's a closer look ...

I really enjoy doing the streaming with Tom - it's a brilliant way to connect with him, and chat with his friends on Twitch. They're all lovely, and they say they enjoy watching (though I think maybe they're being kind - normally they're playing games and stuff, so I can't imagine why they would want to watch an old biddy playing in her craft room). It's as much about the chat and banter as it is about what we're supposed to be doing I think.

It's different, but also similar to our little WOYWW community in lots of ways - another example of how valuable and "real" online friendships can be, especially whilst we're living in isolation during these weird times. 

Well, I'm off to gird my loins as we need to get going soon - wish us luck and I'll see you at Julia's for a good old snoopy catch-up later :o)

Annie xx


glitterandglue said…
Hi Annie. I do trust your face to face meeting has gone well, and that the big wide world wasn't too bad for your son. It isn't easy coming out of lockdown after such a long time for any of us - I am aiming to get to church this Sunday - but confess to being extremely nervous about it - but I have booked y seat.... so... gulp, swallow!
Well done with the live streaming with your son and his friends - a bit of crafting is very different from playing games - but that's good..
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #1
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Good luck with the meeting Annie, hope it helps for everybody xxx. I love the idea of you live streaming on Twitch, I think it’s great and the young ‘uns probably enjoy watching something different!
Hugs LLJ 2 xxx
Lisa-Jane said…
Thinking of you both and hoping it all went well. Knowing how awful I felt a year ago and how they still wouldn't help means that I know how much he must be in need in order to actually get to see someone. How lovely to have the live streams with your other son and get creative together. My boy gives me death stares if I even pop past his screen and shout hello to his friends while he's gaming let alone let me on with them! Sending you hugs today. Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #8
Caro said…
How nice to live stream with your son - I especially love the idea of the unisex bracelets. My son loves making those too - in fact, he was the last person to use my various beading things! I hope today went well. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#12)
I'm sorry I don't agree your desk is not a mess it's just busy! otherwise mine is in a mess all the time Lol! Live streaming sounds like great fun. Have a lovely week and a very happy woyww, Angela x18x
Helen said…
I hope the meeting went well and they are able to help. Sounds like he has a good bunch of friends to share the live streaming with. Have a good week. Helen #3
Sarah Brennan said…
What a great idea for connecting Annie - I must admit I had only thought of Twitch as a gaming platform (my son works in the industry). I like the sound of the unisex bracelts and alcohol ink on Yupo is such fun. Stay safe. Saarh #6
I hope your meeting went well. I have not heard of Twitch before so know nothing about it, but I am glad you had fun with your son. Angela #17
Karen said…
Twitch is a new one on me ~ How nice that you can share your creativity and lively banter together :) I hope your meeting went well ~ Blessings, Karen#29
"an old biddy playing in her craft room" LOL! I hope the appointment went well and was very productive and helpful. My son spends a ton of time playing games with his friends as well - although he's been barred this week as he has to prepare for his upcoming mocks - he's been surprisingly compliant, but it might be a case of too little too late - we'll see. Lovely hearing from you xx zsuzsa
Shoshi said…
I hope your face-to-face meeting went off OK, Annie. Your desk doesn't look messy to me - just very busy and highly creative! Love what you are doing. The unisex bracelets looks great.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #20