Another crack at lino printing

 Lino printing is definitely going to become one of my new favourite hobbies - I have a lot to learn, but I'm loving every part of the process. After getting a basic kit in my first Artful subscription box, I've splashed out on proper inking tray as I didn't get on with the sheet of acetate supplied. I also bought a huge sheet of a different type of lino and a tube of gold printing ink. I think I will want some white, yellow and blue as well, but I plan to stock up on those gradually. 

Here's the latest attempt, aiming at an illustration for that old, dark tale "The Red Shoes" ...

It's a WIP - you can see I've scribbled notes where I need to improve when I re-carve the lino next time. I added the red shoes by painting in with acrylic ink and a brush. 

It feels a bit wasteful to carve the same scene again, but I think it will be a useful learning process ...

The tricky part is learning to think back-to-front - you carve out the bits you don't want to print of course, sounds obvious, but it's easy to forget as you go along. I love the look of the scratchy lines where all of the lino hasn't been removed from the white parts - apparently that's called "noise" or "chatter" and I think it has a very distinctive look which appeals to me. 

If you're interested to watch my process as I fumble my way through it, click here to check out my YouTube channel, where I share many of my arty farty adventures :)

Thanks for popping in today, see you again soon!

Annie xo


Helen Wallace said…
Oh congrats on cracking the 500+ followers Annie. You deserve it. I enjoy your relaxed, nonchalant style of commentary. No airs and graces and just great fun. Not sure if I can join in at 2pm UK time with your live. It will be 3.30 am the next day here in Oz. Hope is goes well.!
Annie Claxton said…
oh thanks so much Helen, you're one of the first people I "met" here in Blogland, back when we were both on the CSI team. It's wonderful that we can "meet" people from all over the world, connect with folks we'd never cross paths with otherwise. Totally understand that 3.30 am is just a tad early! :D But thanks for the good wishes, I really appreciate it xo