WOYWW #612 - Welcome home my Gabrielle

 Hello bloggy friends and fellow deskers, 

I've been AWOL for several weeks, so I hadn't realised that our wonderful Shaz had passed away. I know she had been fighting this battle for a long time, but it was still a shock and I can't quite believe she's really gone. She was always so thoughtful and funny and such a beautiful soul, I know she'll be sorely missed by all of us. My husband doesn't really "get" the whole blogging thing, so I had to explain why I was sitting here crying for someone I've never met "IRL"- it made me really think about how our online friendships are still "real" and valuable and have an impact on our lives. My heart goes out to Shaz's hublet Doug and I'm so glad to see him posting on WOYWW.

Anyway, nothing happening on my desk today, so here's one I took a couple of weeks ago and then didn't get around to posting at the time (one way and another, Wednesdays keep going pear-shaped for at the moment). 

Introducing my Adler 'Gabrielle'- older than she looks; made in West Germany in th 1950s; led a very sheltered life; hidden away for years until my husband found her in a junk shop and carried her home for me; sent off to a local typewriter wizard for a thorough clean and overhaul; given a whole new lease of life! Typewriter Man says she is perfect and pristine and he wanted to keep her, but she's mine :o)

Also, here's how that picture I had just started in my last post turned out ...

I'm finding myself doing a lot of arting in the middle of the night at the moment, when I should probably be sleeping, but I do find it very therapeutic and now I've discovered that you can get free audiobooks from the library, it's even better. 

Popping over to Julia's Stamping Ground now to link up, I'll be back later to have a snout around and see what I've been missing - be there or be square!

Annie C 


Lunch Lady Jan said…
I’m sorry you found out about Shaz this way Annie, I sort of lost who knew and who didn’t. It’s a sign that WOYWW is more than its sum of crafters, its a true friendship where we share the triumphs but sadness too. The typewriter is fantastic, kudos to your OH who bought it for you!
Hugs LLJ 5 xxx
Lisa-Jane said…
Hey Annie! Good to see you but so sorry it wasn't good news. Your painting is absolutely wonderful - as a red head myself, I definitely approve. You have an incredible talent. Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #14
It was a very sad time for us all when Shaz died she was a very special person. Loving the Typewriter there is nothing like the sound of them clicking away. Have a lovely week and happy woyww, Angela x19x
It was a shock to all of us, Annie. Lovely to see you back! Your painting is amazing - hands are so difficult to draw - I would never even attempt it - you've done a stellar job! Your typewriter is a beauty - didn't you have another one as well? I bought one too just before Christmas - mine's a 1970's one and I've used it quite a lot already. It's great for typing out a title or a quote and you can type directly on book paper, teabags, tissue paper, etc that you wouldn't normally put through the printer. Makes me wonder how I managed without one before! Keep on creating! xx zsuzsa #27
Helen said…
Sorry you got that shock Annie - even though we knew it was coming it was shock for us too. I love that typewriter - lucky you! The portrait you have painted is just gorgeous. Helen #10
glitterandglue said…
Hello Annie. Yes, it was a shock to everyone when Shaz died. She was a very lovely lady and will be much missed.
That typewriter is fantastic. Do you use it? Or is it like our stash, that gets looked at and stroked...? Your painting is beautiful - though I am sorry it is done in the nights... hope you manage to sleep at night soon.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #9
The news of Shaz's passing is extremely sad, your right even though we may have not met our online friends they are very special and real to us all.
What a great find that typewriter was, I wish I had room to have one maybe one day when my boy moves out.. I do love your portrait, she magnificent.
Best wishes this WoywW Tracey #4
Sarah Brennan said…
It is so sad about Shaz dying, sorry you have only just heard Annie. Love the finished protrait but hope your sleep patterns are less disturbed soon. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #11
I am sorry you only just found out, there is a great depth of friendship in this group. That looks a great typewriter, enjoy working with it. Angela #31
Susan Renshaw said…
I am looking for a typewriter! I wonder why I got rid of the one I had years ago!
Lovely picture!
Happy WOYWW! Susan #8
Julia Dunnit said…
Sorry I’m late Annie. Sorry too, that you faced the shock of finding out about Shaz this way. Not great, sorry. Funnily enough I have a ‘thing to remember’ for you in my notebook and decided to wait for WOYWW because it felt a bit trite in the light of Shaz going downhill so fast, and then of course, events overtook. Doug has arranged extra bandwidth for those of us that want to virtually be at her funeral, so Jan or I will FB and blog that link when we can.
Meanwhile, that little typewriter is a siren alright, I love it! What a score, and how fab that your man knows so well that it was meant to be for you. The other fab part of the story is that you found a typewriter man, how marvellous.
My ‘thing to remember’ to tell you is merely to point you in the direction of an Etsy shop called WonkyWaresBude, she is Kate and she sells her book nooks! a some are a bit alternative, but I thought you might be interested!
Shoshi said…
How sad, Annie, to have found out about Shaz like that. We are all still in shock. She is already sorely missed and I still can't quite believe she's gone.

How lovely that you've got a typewriter - Gabrielle! I think they are making a comeback, like old vinyl LPs. People are missing the tactile sensation of "real" tech instead of the virtual. For years I had a very good quality Imperial portable which I got rid of when I started on the computer. I learned on an Imperial 70 and in my first job, used an Imperial 66 which was a real monster with a long carriage - heavy duty work to type all day on that baby! I hope you will be able to get the ribbons for her.

Your painting is stunning. With the orange hair, it makes me think of Shaz.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #15
Dorlene Durham said…
I agree with you on the friends we meet here. My hubby doesn’t get it either when i talk about my friends in other countries. There is a bond. Sorry for the late visit - your painting is amazing and very cool typewriter! Dorlene #33
BJ said…
gorgeous painting. BJ#1
Spyder said…
If you blurr your eyes a little and look slighly away, that typewritter reminds me of Wallace (and Grommit! The teeth!) Great though, I remember them. Used to get all the lettered jammed up! The artwork is amzing!
Sorry so late, my new laptop is silver and I can't see the letters so it takes me ages to type anything!
Stay safe! Keep crafting! Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #6