Show 'n' Tell

My home is full of little knick-knacks and memorabilia - mostly not worth much to anyone else but priceless to me, because they each have a story to tell. What I want to do is to record and share those stories here and I'd love it if you would do the same.

I started out doing this every Monday, in the hope that others would join me, but there hasn't been too much interest - so it's probably one of those ideas that doesn't seem quite as brilliant to everyone else as it does to me! :o)

So, I'm not going to know myself out to post every Monday, but I have enjoyed documenting my little treasures and will continue to do post a Show'n'Tell as and when the fancy takes me, with some photos and a few lines about its history and what it means to me. It could be anything at all - a small ornament, a book, a thimble, a stone I picked up on the beach - you get the picture? I'll put a widget at the bottom of the post so you can link up to a post on your own blog - I'd love to hear your stories too.

Here are all the priceless objects I've recorded so far, with a link to the relevant post underneath each picture ...

Tiny Teeth
Granny's China 

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